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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to run my AC efficiently?

The best way to run your ac efficiently is by programming your thermostat at a higher temperature when you are not at home and keeping your thermostat at the highest degree possible for your comfort. Remember, every degree counts.

How can I keep my AC working most efficiently?

Maintenance, maintenance, maitenance. There is nothing more important for the proper performance of your AC than routine maintenance. Rember to change your filters, wash the condensor outside if it becomes dirty and have the unit checked for proper charge.

How often should preventative maintenance be performed on my unit?

Once a year.

What is a seer rating?

A seer is how the industry measures a unit's efficiency level. A standard in the industry today is 13 seer. The higher the seer rating, the higher the efficiency.

I just built an extention room on my house. What is the best type of AC to add to this room?

Minisplit ductless unit is a great alternative for an extra room. There is no construction required for the installation of this unit. My heating system is very old. Why should I consider converting to natural gas heat? Natural gas is clean, reliable and absolutely maintenance free. Gas remains considerably less expensive than oil.

The upstairs portion of my home never gets enough heat. How can this be resolved?

You can create an extra zone with its own independant thermostat.

What is a direct vent boiler?

A direct vent boiler is much more efficient than a standard boiler. A direct vent boiler can be as efficient as 90%. It does not vent into the house general chimney. It vents directly to the outside of the house. The fumes are discharged out of the house and most of the heat is directed to stay indoors and heat the house

Is a direct vent boiler appropriate for my home?

A direct vent boiler can be used in any house with any type of heat. Steam, hot water or hot air. The immediate cost of a direct vent is higher than a standard boiler but will save you money in the long run

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